FWP by Rae

Founded in 2016, FWP by Rae was born out of a love for high quality, stylish and ethically made yet affordable clothing. Plus a love of wine.
Previously owning a wine business (The French Wine project – FWP), words were carefully selected from the world of wine for their dual meaning or play on words. Fusing wine with design in a cool stylish way. We launched in March 2017 with our still most popular slogans ROSÉ and Bon Vintage, which was soon followed by Premier Cru and SANTÉ. I still love to play with words from the world of wine and they remain an important part of the brand. And as my love and fascination with Cocktails grows, so will this line.

The brand has since grown from ethically sourcing product to print on, to now manufacturing our own garments. This way we can offer new shapes and styles specifically designed for our customers needs and wants. It’s all about creating pieces that make you feel fabulous and are an easy outfit choice as nobody wants to have to think too hard. My motto when designing is if I won’t wear it I won’t make it.

Two Summers ago I stepped into the world of woven fabrics, producing our first ever collection of blouses and dresses. Now working with an Indian producer who have their own in-house textile mill, I can get fabrics woven or knitted specifically to my needs.

I’m really proud to say that I have a great working relationship with my Indian producers who have an ecological and ethical approach to manufacturing. Using GOTS approved organic cotton and the likes of modal and Lenzing approved viscose, they are also audited for fair pay and fair working conditions.

As a brand, we are now very much focused on Fabric, Words and Prints and can’t wait to keep creating fabulous new pieces to shake up your wardrobe.

Rae x


Our sourced products are made from organic cotton or recycled materials and manufactured in India in factories with fair working and fair pay practices. All products fully manufactured by FWP BY RAE (around 90% now) are made in India with the exception of the pure wool scarves which were hand made in Nepal.

We take great care in making sure that our supply chain is transparent and fully traceable from the cotton fields, to the cotton mills to the factory and the lovely people who cut, sew and pack.

Our factories are audited for fair working practices and pay, and we only use fabrics that meet the highest environment friendly practices.

Our own brand sweatshirts, T-shirts, blouses, shirts and dresses are produced in our SMETA audited factory and are made using GOTS approved organic cotton, modal and lenzing certified viscose and at the very least, BCI cotton. Our pure wool scarves are hand knitted in Nepal by a World Fair Trade registered company supporting women.

You can read more about how we produce our products on our website under ABOUT