Founded in 2011 to bring vibe, trend and fashion to the local high street in Wiltshire and Berkshire, Caroline Dallas opened four shops and supplied gorgeous easy to wear and unique clothing to to the local market. LUNA UK went from strength to strength until Covid happened and with four shops to manage and 15 staff on furlough things had to change. Since then she has moved into a flagship two storey show room in Newbury and has closed two of her other shops with Marlborough to close after the summer. LUNA UK is now in Newbury and online.

The playlist is renowned for being awesome with many a customer loving it! Our in person shopping experience is huge and we are hoping our online will follow.


Manufactured in Italy using primarily cotton and or viscose (a wood pulp), our clothes are known to last for years. The styles transcend fashion as each piece is effortlessly stylish. Most are one size so if you’re between a 10-16 then most will fit perfectly. A tall 10 will suit an item that fits a normal 14 for example. It’s how you wear it. Customers often rave about what pieces they still have from years ago and how they are firm favourites year after year. Stars, stripes and hearts feature in many of our pieces. All our items are soft and machine washable.

We are endevouring to source and we do stock more sustainably manufactured pieces. Our clothes last so long and wear so well, we certainly fall in the investment pieces category without the price tag.