So wowed were we by the fabrics and craftsmanship we saw while traveling around India that we decided to take our love of scarves further and make a business out of it. Of course, there is shocking poverty in India so we knew we had to make a difference, however small, by selecting from conscious producers and co-operatives. We know the provenance of all our pieces and that the makers are paid a fair wage and cared for. Everything is lovingly handcrafted by artisans who are keeping traditional techniques alive. We continue to evolve and extend our product range as we make new discoveries.


Style with a story.

We are passionate about delivering unique handcrafted pieces that are ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and fairly traded from right across India. Each one has been individually created by artisans, ladies co-operatives, and the less-abled all of whom take great pride in their work. Natural fibres and fabrics are used from wild and mulberry silks, yak wool, linens and certified pashmina; many are hand-spun and most handwoven.

Some pieces are bold and contemporary, others more traditional, but all are timeless works of art adding splashes of colour and interest to lift an outfit. As handmade items, they may be perfectly imperfect but that is part of their charm and proof of their provenance. With every item you own, you’ll not only be adding to your wardrobe a unique, distinctive piece, but you will also be enriching the lives of others.

We try and keep our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible presenting our scarves, robes, and necklaces in recycled sari silk or hand-block-printed cotton pouches.